Destination: Cebu City, Philippines


Cebu Island is probably best know for its beach resorts. However, the island’s capital Cebu City is also worth a visit. One of the Philippine’s biggest furniture and handicraft manufacturing hubs, Cebu City has many factories that produce hand crafted furniture and home décor items out of natural materials such as shells, coconut husks, animal skins and vegetable fibres.

It’s downtown area is a miniature version of Metro Manila, and one of the main drags ­– Colon Street is purported to be the oldest national road in the country. Heritage sites such as the Basilica del Santo Nino, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, and museums such as the 1730 Jesuit House and Cathedral Museum bear testimony to the city’s Spanish-Catholic past.

An interesting place to stay at while you’re here is The Henry Hotel Cebu, an hip, artsy, industrial looking boutique property with a pretty little outdoor garden and pool.


Cuisine: A dish you shouldn’t miss when you’re here is lechon – Cebuano style whole spit-roasted suckling pig. According to many Filipinos, in all of the Philippines, Cebu does the best lechon. Of course, being on an island, you’ll want to tuck into some fresh seafood too.


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