Taverna Colleoni dell’Angelo, Bergamo, Italy


Food: Dishes packed with flavour and presented with class. Lunch is much more affordable than dinner, and allows you to sample three courses. Portions are small enough so you don’t leave feeling uncomfortably full.

Service: Formal and polite. They give you a lot of space here, which is great if you’re not one who likes chatty wait staff.

Must try: Branzini with mixed vegetables, and tagliatelle pasta with porcine mushrooms in a Parmesan sauce.

Taverna colleoni dell Angelo InteriorTagliatali at Taverna Colleoni dell Angelo

Ambience: This place has been around since 1610, and there is something about the atmosphere that feels almost quite as antiquated. Very Italian, very formal with white table cloths, you might want to put on something smart and casual to fit in. For a more laid back vibe, get a table outdoors.

Average Price per Person: 35 Euros

Address: Trattoria Colleoni dell’Angelo. Piazza Vecchia 7, Tel: (39) 035-232-596


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