Antica Torretta, Verona, Italy

king crab tortellini at Antica Torretta

Food: A good choice for a special occasion.

Service: Excellent and very professional service. The waiters here are very well informed and efficient.

Must try: King crab tortellini with shellfish bisque and caramelized red onion petals, and tiramisu

FullSizeRender-33Octopus dish at Antica Torretta

Ambience: Dim lights and elegant décor makes you feel very cosy and relaxed, but the tables are a little close to each other and when the restaurant gets crowded, it can feel a little cramped.

Average price per person: 55 Euro

Address: Antica Torretta. Piazza Broilo 1, Verona, Italy. Tel: (39) 0458-015-292


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