Good Good, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


strawberry cream cake

I was so glad to have stumbled into this Japanese-influenced, lacto-vegetarian café with plenty of wabi-sabi charm, located across the street from where I live.


Entrance to Good Good on Second Street

Food: The menu is small, but the items are mostly homemade, healthy and have light, clean taste. You won’t feel icky or gluttonous after a meal here, but will feel like you’ve eaten thoughtfully, and been good to your body, and tastebuds. They make their own granola and almond milk, and their granola flavours include strawberry goji, cocao hazelnut, matcha blueberry and apple pie. They also make their own teas, and both their teas and the granola are available in packages for purchase.


Oden set lunch

The wholesome Japanese inspired set lunches that are available after 12pm include multi-grain rice with okra, seaweed, and a slow cooked soy egg, salad and soup of the day, and a multi-grain rice set with nato. They also have a special dish that changes every week such as curry udon with salad and croquettes (ok, this one’s not that healthy but the curry sure is “good good”), and an oden dish with daikon, konjac, delicious tofu, cabbage and mushrooms served with multi-grain rice and edamame. They also have a very unusual, cold, Sichuan flat noodle dish that’s refreshing, simple and satisfying, with just the right level of spice.


Sichuan flat noodles

That’s not all that’s good about this place. Their apple pie, which has a beautiful golden crust, and is bursting with tart slices of Granny Smith is killer yum! Pair that with their mulled apple tea, and you’d have kept the doctor away for another day. They also make a light and fluffy strawberry cake that’s divine.

Service: The owner is a lovely, soft spoken but friendly lady whose happy to offer diners suggestions or take some from them. If you arrive at busier times, you may have to wait a while because the staff have to walk up the stairs to bring you your food on trays. The food is served on artistic wabi-sabi inspired clay dinnerware, and in cool bamboo trays. Their dinnerware is available for sale through their online store Good Good Grocery.


Homemade apple pie with fresh cream

Must try: The Sichuan flat noodles and the apple pie. The weekly sets haven’t let me down yet either.


The bar counter where you order your food on the ground level.


Words of wisdom


Free water and napkins by a window at the top of the stairs.


Counter seating upstairs

Ambience: If you like Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, then you’ll be real happy with the upper floor of GoodGood. Though the interiors are simple, you can tell by the selection of well-grained wood furniture, and the softness of the lighting, that the owners are pretty design savvy, and knew what they were doing when they created this café. Though pretty small, the upper level has couches for you to relax with a cup of coffee and a book. The atmosphere is peaceful and nurturing, and you get the feeling that you can hide from the world up here.


A soda and coffee and book trolley.


Counter seats


A communal table that looks down to the ground level.


A sunny corner for coffee and cake.

Average price per person: Sets are around 108 HKD, but if you want a drink and dessert, you’re looking at approximately 200 HKD.


Steps leading up to the upstairs dining area.


Sweet and tart mulled apple tea


Ladies at the counter seats

Address: Good Good. 2a Second St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong




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