Peixaria da Esquina, Lisbon, Portugal


Food: Owned by celebrity chef Vitor Sobral, this place is all about modern, refined, seafood dishes done in a variety of ways. The menu has a ceviche section, a selection of cured seafood items, a snack section with interesting shellfish dishes, and the mains, which encompass grilled items with vegetables and potatoes, or stews such as acorda ­– a dish from the Alentejo region with seafood (or meat), thinly sliced bread, garlic, finely chopped coriander, olive oil, vinegar, and poached eggs, cataplana – an Algarve-style stew cooked in a special copper dish, and moqueca ­– a Brazilian style coconut-based stew. Your meal begins with a basket of bread, a tasty homemade tuna pate, and excellent quality entorna cheese.

IMG_4278 IMG_4288

Must try: Because I was dining alone, I opted for three snack-sized dishes, which were actually large enough to constitute a meal for one. The two better dishes were the octopus Carpaccio, and the grilled razor clams with green parsley pesto. The octopus was served with crispy sweet potato chips, which gave the dish good textural contrast, and the flavourful, buttery sauce that the clams were doused in was delightful. The shrimp sautéed in garlic and chilli was way too salty.


Service: The waitress was helpful, and took her time to explain the menu and recommend dishes.


Ambience: I really liked that this restaurant was quite a distance from the city centre, and in a completely peaceful, local residential area that allowed me to see what a regular neighbourhood looks like (as opposed to areas that cater more to tourists). The restaurant was cozy, intimate, bright and clean, and they had cute little two-seater tables near the windows, which offer sufficient privacy if you’re dining alone, or having a romantic dinner with your partner.


Average price per person: €30 for three dishes, and a non-alcoholic beverage.


Address: Peixaria da Esquina. Rua Correia Teles 56, Lisbon, Portugal. Tel: (351) 912-946-155.




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