Melitini, Oia, Santorini, Greece


Food: Specialising in Greek mezze plates, Melitini is a good choice if you want a variety of dishes. The portions are pretty generous, so it’s best to go with a companion to sample more dishes. They also serve portions of graviera and feta cheese, olives and coldcuts, bread rusks or pita bread, so it’s a nice spot of pre-dinner drinks with snacks.

Service: The staff here are very warm and welcoming and the waitress was kind enough to help us pack anything that we could not finish for takeaway.

Must try: Kavourmas – a pork, lamb and beef confit, which tastes like a tuna, the mince meat cooked with vegetables and graviera cheese, and pickled vegetables.


Ambience: Small and cosy with an indoor and outdoor area, and a second floor outdoor terrace which is open in summer. The breezy, casual bistro-like atmosphere makes you feel like you can drop by anytime without ceremony.

Average price per person: 22 Euro per person with a beverage

Address: Melitini. Oia, Santorini, Greece. By bus from Fira, stop at Alkyona. On foot: 200 metres from Saint George church or 450 metres from Panangia Platsani, Tel: (30) 22860 72343



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