Rhubarb Le Restaurant, Singapore

1.Rhubarb 4

Food: Dainty portions of stylishly plated, contemporary French and Asian fusion cuisine where quality ingredients are the star of the show. The menu, which changes regularly features inventive items such as prawn tartare with pomelo, seaweed, ikura and cucumber.

Service: The staff are polite, but low key, giving diners a lot of space and privacy. Great if you don’t like being interrupted too often during an important business lunch or romantic dinner.

2.Rhubarb 1

Must try: The beef tenderloin with fricassee of Brussel sprouts, corn and lettuce. The dish is topped with something called an oyster leaf, which bears an uncanny similarity to raw oyster.

3.Rhubarb 2

Ambience: Small – there are only eight tables here, modern and peaceful. A great choice if you’re hoping to focus on conversation with your companion, or close a business deal without leaving feeling overly-stuffed.

Average price per person: 42 SGD for a three course set lunch, or 68 SGD for the Special Chef Surprise Menu

Address: Rhubarb Le Restaurant. 3 Duxton Hill, Singapore. Tel: (65) 8127-5001


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