Taste From Heaven, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taste from heaven 1

Food: Vegetarian Thai stir fries, soups, salads and curries; white, brown or black rice, or noodles. All day breakfast items, and western dishes like burgers and sandwiches. No MSG, fish sauce or oyster sauce is used here.

Service: Servers are attentive and the food is delivered without too long a wait.

Taste from heaven 4 Taste from heaven 2

Must try: The mushroom larb made with chopped mushrooms, mint, red onion, tofu, roasted rice and lime juice

Ambience: Laid back, no-frills casual café where you can relax in shorts and fit flops. You can read quotes by famous vegetarians like Paul McCartney on one of the walls inside.

taste from heaven 3

Average price per person: 200 THB per person for a meal split between two diners

Address: Taste From Heaven. 34/1 Ratmakka Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tel: (66) 91-859-8920



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