Fratini La Trattoria, Singapore


Food: You won’t find a menu here. The closest thing to a private kitchen or home dining concept restaurant in Singapore, here chef Gabriel Fratini creates a different dinner menu each night, which includes four cold appetisers, four hot appetisers, a pasta dish to be shared by the table, and three desserts.

Service: Much like the homey trattorias of Italy, you can expect chef Gabriel to come by your table for a chat, and to hear your feedback on his food.


Standout dishes: The cold starters of pumpkin, scallop and burrata; crab meat and apple; salmon, onion and anchovy confit; and broccoli, fennel and carpaccio of tuna. From the hot appetisers, it was the milky mash potatoes and baby squid stuffed with salmon mouse in a capsicum sauce, and the chicken mouse with spinach and bacon crumble, which were most memorable.


Ambience: Classy yet casual. This restaurant is really popular, so reservations are a must on weekends.

Average price per person: S$120 per person for dinner with drinks

Address: Fratini La Trattoria. 10 Greenwood Avenue, Bukit Timah, Singapore. Tel: (65) 6468-2868


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