Ristorante Il Boccondivino, Verona, Italy

Il boccondovino 1

Food: Classic Italian comfort foods, pasta, pizza and seafood done simply and well, and that won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket.

Service: The older waiters here are polite and respectful and take their job very seriously.

Must try: spaghetti with Sicilian prawns and ragatoni pomodoro.

Il Boccondivino 2.jpgIl Boccondivino 3

Ambience: Casual, cosy and full of old-world charm.

Average price per person: 25 Euros

Address: Ristorante Il Boccondivino. Via Sottoriva 3/C, Verona, Italy. Tel: (39) 045-801-4441


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