Viral Fusion, Central, Hong Kong

Viral f 1

Food: This is a private kitchen restaurant, so the menu is fixed, though it changes every three weeks for lunch and every two or three months for dinner. If you can’t decide if you want to have Asian or Western food, then this is a good place to come a bit of both. The “fusing” of east of west however is subtle, rather than showy, so much so you simply enjoy a bowl of double-boiled soup then move on to a refreshing pasta dish without even thinking “is this Asian or Western?”, because it all tastes good. Pity about the name of the place, Viral and food just do not go well together!!

Service: Discreet and attentive.

Must try: The items are seasonal. In November, I enjoyed the hairy crab cappuccino with stuffed hairy crab shell, pan seared scallop with mushroom puree on a bed of assorted beans and boiled rice with pickled vegetables topped with pan fried prawn and sakura shrimp.


Viral f 3 Viral F 2

Ambience: There are fewer than seven tables here, making it a very private and spacious place to enjoy a long drawn out meal.

Average price per person: 168 HKD for a set lunch and 850 HKD for dinner.

Address: Viral Fusion. 13/F Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2677-5100


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