Trattoria Baioni 45, Bergamo, Italy

Polenta and tomino at Trattoria Baioni 45jpg

Food: Rich, satisfying and very economically priced rustic local food. They also have a small antipasti buffet and fresh seafood dishes.

Service: Owner Dino Satirani and his family are very warm and welcoming, and you’ll feel like you’re dining at a friend’s home.

Must try: The polenta dishes. Taragno – polenta cooked with butter, cheese and forest mushrooms, served with home made chicken sausage and roasted Tuscan pork, and polenta with local tomino cheese

Trattoria Baoini 45 Interior Taragno at Trat. Baoini 45

Ambience: Very humble, neighbourhood joint that looks like it is still pleasantly stuck in the 80s. You find a single tourist here

Average price per person: You can have a good meal for under 20 Euro.

Address: Trattoria Baoini 45. Via Cristoforo Baioni 45, Bergamo, Italy. Tel: (39) 035-422-0033


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