Fabbricca Pizzeria con Cucina, Milan, Italy

Cotoletta at Frabricca

Food: Popular casual eatery with a good section of pizzas and traditional Milanese favourites.

Service: Quick but abrupt. Some of the waiters looked like they were stretched as thin as the pizzas and in a hurry to take your order and whizz off to their other duties.

Must try: The cotoletta – traditional dish of veal chop on the rib bone, deep fried and served with a bed of fresh cherry tomatoes and a lemon wedge.

Fabbrica interior      Pizza at Fabricca

Ambience: Relaxed, convivial and casual. Good place for family gathering and to bring kids.

Average price per person: 20-25 Euros

Address: Fabricca Pizzeria con Cucina. Viale Pasubio 2, Milan, Italy. Tel: (39) 02-655-2771


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